We believe that the reason Renew Wellbeing is becoming popular is its simplicity and the absolute priority of prayer. As well as the daily rhythms in our cafes, spaces and churches we are also setting aside one day a month to focus on prayer. For Nottingham prayer details click pdf'Wellbeing Wednesday'.

Every last Wednesday in the month we invite you to take some time to join us where you are to pray for each centre and all that God is doing to reduce isolation and improve mental and emotional wellbeing in our nation.  We will send out information to each Renew Centre in the last week of every month to help keep us together as a family as we pray. We are also looking at local quiet mornings for prayer and evening prayer and celebrations. 

As we pray, and ONLY as we pray, the darkness is pushed back and HOPE grows in our communities. Do pray where you are for the centres. As new Renew spaces become established we will update the details on the 'Our Centres' page. 


Each cafe will be run and funded by their local church and community partners.

Renew Wellbeing as the central organising and resourcing body is now a registered charity and you can support the ongoing work if you should wish to. 

Donations can be made in various ways:

  • Stewardship - for one-off gifts or regular monthly donations
  • Give As You Live - as you shop you can give 
  • Cheques - Please make payable to 'Renew Wellbeing' and forward to the address below.
  • BACS - Renew Wellbeing - Sort Code: 54 21 47 (NatWest Bank) Acc. Number: 36908959
  • pdfStanding Order - Please return the completed form to your bank
  • pdfGift Aid - if you wish to Gift Aid your donation please complete the form and post to: 
  • Renew Wellbeing, 66 Bisham Drive, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 6LT 


For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Many of us are concerned about wellbeing. Today 1 in 4 people have a diagnosed mental health condition in our nation and we know that there are many more who, although not diagnosed, are struggling with issues around mental and emotional wellbeing. Our local council and NHS services are at full stretch and facing further cuts. At Renew wellbeing we believe we have found a way for local churches to partner simply with their mental health teams to provide spaces of quiet inclusion and wellbeing. These spaces are good for the church and the community. We would love to help churches get involved by setting up their own wellbeing cafe and encourage partners in local councils and businesses to help see wellbeing improve in their area through involvement in these spaces.