Based around the 5 Ways to Wellbeing Renew spaces work on three simple principles:

being present, being prayerful and being in partnership with the mental health team.

Being Present

Each renew space is run by a local church who give their time and share hobbies and skills in a homely welcoming space. The Renew wellbeing team offer to be present alongside churches embarking on this journey. Ruth will meet with the leaders, the church and the mental health team to offer support while the renew space is established and will keep visiting to help sustain good practice.

Being in Partnership

As each Renew Space establishes good partnerships with statutory services so the Renew Wellbeing team offers to partner with each renew space by offering training, support and regular news. An annual gathering keeps links strong between centres and helps us share good practice and resources. Renew Wellbeing also represents the renew movement in national conversations about faith communities partnering for better mental health provision.

Being Prayerful

As Each Renew space settles into a rhythm of quiet prayer and opens up these habits to their community so Renew Wellbeing will be praying for each renew space and with each renew space. Ruth will train and provide resources to each church where needed and the website will offer ongoing encouragement and advice for a shared journey of sustained prayerful habits for wellbeing.

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Ruth Rice - Renew

RuthRice portrait

Ruth Rice - Renew Wellbeing Founder/ Leader/trainer

Ruth set up renew37 whilst leading New Life Baptist Church and now works full time for Renew Wellbeing visiting churches, delivering training and supporting sustainability. Ruth has a background in teaching and Baptist church Ministry and is passionate about seeing churches turn themselves and their great habits of welcome, care and prayer inside out to reduce isolation and increase wellbeing in every community.  

 MandyHalloway portrait

Mandy Halloway - Administrator 

Mandy works one day a week for Renew Wellbeing and has been on the Renew journey since the beginning, she also helped to set up Renew 37. Mandy is on hand to answer queries, make connections and arrange visits to Renew foundation centres or visits from Ruth. She keeps the website up to date and the news and resources flowing. She can also advise you on how to access funding. 

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Debs Butler - Student on placement

Debs is currently on placement with us as a Moorlands College Student studying for a degree course. Debs says "I am having an amazing time on placement with the Renew team and learning so much practically about running a charity. I am responsible for HR and have been supporting Ruth in her role with meeting possible centres around the UK, leading seminars and helping with the training. I have written the HR policies and documents for the charity along with creating a Pinterest page and creative resources for the centres. I love visiting the different centres we have set up, supporting the teams and meeting all the amazing people that visit and help Renew. Everyday is different and varied, working with amazing people who are setting up wellbeing spaces, where its OK not to be OK. My dream is to see every Church in the UK have a Renew Centre, helping churches open spaces of welcome and inclusion in partnership with mental health teams to improve mental and emotional wellbeing."


Elizabeth Carrington - Chaplain

Elizabeth is the team chaplain and helps us keep prayer a priority in our lives. 

Wellbeing Local Links

We also work with dedicated volunteers who give a couple of days a month to Renew Wellbeing providing support to their local Renew Centres. These are our Wellbeing Local Links (Wellies). 



This week's Wellbeing verse is from Psalm 54

Wellbeing Cards Ps 54 1